Desert Structures Cinemagraphs In Palm Springs


Some of coolest things about Palm Desert are the distinctive and often peculiar manmade landmarks like the San Gabriel Wind Farm, as well as the various art installations scattered throughout the area. One of our favorite stops we made while working in Palm Springs was visiting the “Mirage House” by Doug Aitken. The hillside installation was part of a series of local works called “Desert X”. These site-specific art projects come from new, emerging artists and curated by artistic director Neville Wakefield. Built for the age of social media, the mirror house graced many an Instagram feed - though we think this cinemagraph brings this creation to life. From that vantage point there was a clear view of the turbines in the valley below, forever spinning in and endless loop.

Cinemagraph Animated Gif of Mirage House by Doug Aitken
Cinemagraph Animated Gif of San Gabriel Wind Farm Turbines


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