Who We Are

Nightflare Creative was established in 2016 as a means of consolidating the artistic efforts of founders Drew and Nick Night. With respective backgrounds in photography and filmmaking, we have acquired a wide and disparate range of ancillary talents and specialities; ranging from set design to event production to 3D photography. We are always looking for new and interesting ways to deploy our breadth of aesthetic and technical abilities. Upon discovering Cinemagraphs we became obsessed with the technique’s unique marriage of still and time-based components and the eerie yet captivating effect it produced. It was the perfect medium for our collaborations and lent itself to our work with brands and industry clients.


At the heart of our practice is the notion of aesthetic immersion. We want the viewer to lose themselves in the visual environments we create, if even for a moment. We understand that brand recognition means stylistic consistency across all marketing components. This is why we aim to offer a turnkey solution to your creative content needs. Our conceptualization process always starts with developing a lookbook that serves as a graphic blueprint for the entire project. Preproduction is rigorous and research heavy as we strive to think outside the box and do what hasn’t been done before. We then mobilize our team, tapping into a wide array of creative resources based on the needs of the client. The result is fresh, savvy branding that is as eye catching as it is true to the ethos of your brand.


NFC is based in Portland, OR with creative partners in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Canada and the UK. We are available for travel upon request.


You can also find us on Portland Creative List